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Getting ready for the ultimate holiday season

Our theme this holiday revolves around creating warm

Getting ready for the ultimate holiday season

Our Holiday shoot took place just a few weeks ago but the concept and planning has been in the making for months. We selected a beautiful concept. Our theme this holiday revolves around creating warm, welcoming and glowing house. Our floral compositions have some festive and gilded touches to them.

Our model for this photoshoot was Rosemin Manji- founder of RR & Co. She was absolutely gorgeous and made our festive wreaths look fantastic. We had a lovely chat with her and this what she said:

Q. Are you originally from here? If not, when did you move to Dubai?

A. I was born in Canada and move to London and then to the UK. Dubai has been home for me for 10 years.

Q. If you had to pick one thing about Dubai you love the most, what would it be

A. I love that Dubai is the perfect balance of east meets west. The quality of life is excellent from general living experiences (skydiving to shopping), it’s truly a city for everyone.

Q. What is your favorite thing to do during the holidays

A. Staycations are amazing. I love to check into a hotel and enjoy good weather- I love watersports and going to the spa and just unwinding and disconnecting from everything!

Here are Bliss tips for anyone throwing their own holiday party:

  1. Plan Ahead: December social calendars seem to fill up earlier and earlier each year. If you are planning on hosting your own soirée, pick a date and mail those invitations out sooner rather than later!
  2. PREP YOUR HOUSE: Get some tips and inspiration from our holiday photoshoot. The house should be warm and lit up. Light lots of candles or invest in some faux fur throws. They give a rich and luxurious feel to the house. For house flowers, we recommend our Rue de la Pompe arrangement. Whether you’re decorating your dinner table, coffee table or accent table. It’s deep and rich colors and flowers are a definite winner.
  3. CREATE LASTING MEMORIES : This time of year is about making memories and 2016 is all about photo memories. A DIY photo booth for your holiday party is a fun way for your guests to leave with a memento from the evening. It is easy to construct, pull together a few props and a selfie stick and allow your guests to use their imagination.
  4. MIX UP YOUR MENU :  No guest likes to leave a party hungry and no one looks forward to seeing a rubber chicken and broiled vegetables buffet either. Don’t be afraid to take a risk with your menu. A variety of small  bites and a signature drink, like a salted caramel eggnog is a sure way to excite your guests.

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