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Bliss Flower Boutique Unveils Its Charms in Msheireb, Doha

With an Exclusive Collaboration with Pierre Hermé Paris at Msheireb

Bliss Flower Boutique inaugurates its pristine shop in Qatar, introducing a world of enchanting petal perfection.

Nestled in the heart of Msheireb, Bliss Boutique seamlessly integrates into the architectural marvels of the district, capturing the essence of a city that cherishes its heritage while embracing the future. Bliss Flower Boutique in collaboration with Pierre Hermé invites you to discover this exceptional location and experience the finest selection of pastry by Pierre Hermé and exclusive innovative selection of beverages.

Immerse yourself into an enchanting pastel decor with luxury and glamour where beauty blooms and memories are made.

As the doors swing open to Bliss Flower Boutique, patrons are greeted with a visual feast of exquisite blooms, meticulously arranged to captivate the senses. The ambiance is a delicate blend of modern luxury and timeless charm, reflecting the boutique's commitment to providing a unique and memorable floral journey.

 Bliss Flower Boutique is open from Saturday till Thursday from 8 am - 11pm, on Fridays from 12pm - 9 pm.

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