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Bliss New Collection In Vogue Arabia


''Homegrown Bliss Flower Boutique Unveils a Mesmerizing New Collection and a Statement Bag''

With fall around the corner, Bliss Flower Boutique from the UAE is introducing a mesmerizing collection: the pièce de résistance. This array of arrangements promise an experience of unparalleled beauty that turns heads and starts conversations.

Following its establishment in 2008, the launch of 20 boutiques across the MENA region, and a new one in Singapore, Bliss has become the go-to place for floral decor. Bliss also prides itself on crafting each offering with careful thought and consideration, making sure that every bouquet tells a story. Walking into the Bliss Flower Boutique is like stepping into a wonderland of blooms where masterful arrangements showcase flawless detail, color, and pattern. As for the florists? They are artists who have honed their skills to turn soft-hued blossoms into stunning works of art, mixing colors and fragrances in unique ways.

Abbey Dean, the creative director at Bliss, is the mind behind the brand’s coveted blooms. After aiming to redefine the world of floral design, her latest creation, the statement bag, is nothing short of extraordinary. The masterpiece is a testament to her artistic genius, adorned with metallic touches, oversized mushrooms, and giraffes, all coming together in a tapestry of floral brilliance. “It tells an ancient and eye-catching story of an embossing technique that has existed for a long time. For me, the most exciting element was: how can we make it contemporary? The bag has a metallic keyline of motifs and an embellished look that intensifies and reiterates itself with the embossing,” she states.

Further describing her creation, Dean adds, “The story continues with the striking print that envelops the bouquets. It’s a hypnotizing print with interlocking motifs of oversized mushrooms, giraffes, passionflower and hellebores to create a sense of oneness yet culminating playfulness that has been the brand’s tone and voice for several years. Who would ever think a jeweled frog could look so stunning? The bag is finished with custom bag handles that also have our iconic logo embedded in them for the first time in the history of Bliss.”

With this breathtaking new collection, Bliss Flower Boutique offers more than just flower arrangements; they offer an experience and a journey into the heart of floral heaven.

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Bliss New Collection
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