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Bliss X Vogue Singapore

Nature's finest meets creative genius in this unique collaboration, resulting in a flower bouquet that's a true masterpiece.

Fashion Floral Collaboration

In a stunning fusion of high fashion and natural beauty, Vogue Singapore and Bliss Flower Boutique have joined forces to create a truly remarkable collaboration. This unique partnership showcases the exquisite craftsmanship of both the fashion industry and the world of floral artistry.

The Fusion of Artistry

This unique collaboration is more than just a beautiful bouquet; it's a work of art. Vogue Singapore's design team and Bliss Flower Boutique's expert florists have come together to create a memorable bouquet that is both visually stunning and conceptually brilliant. Each arrangement is a harmonious blend of color, form, and texture, reflecting the essence of Vogue's fashion vision and Bliss Flower Boutique's commitment to floral excellence.

Vogue Foundation

For every bouquet gifted, a portion of sales will go towards the Vogue Foundation—Vogue Singapore’s dedicated arm to nurture regional creative talent and highlight them on a global stage.

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