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Valentine's Day Flowers Singapore: Making Every Moment Blossom


Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year, is just around the corner. It's the perfect opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care, and what better way to express your love and affection than with beautiful and thoughtfully chosen flowers?

In this blog post, we'll explore the world of Valentine's Day flowers in Singapore and help you find the perfect blooms to make every moment with your loved ones blossom.

The significance of Valentine's Day flowers

Valentine's Day flowers have been a timeless tradition for centuries. They symbolize love, beauty, and adoration, making them the perfect gift to convey your deepest emotions. The language of flowers is rich and meaningful, allowing you to express your love in a delicate yet powerful way. Whether you're in a new relationship or celebrating years of togetherness, Valentine's Day flowers are the perfect way to create lasting memories.

 Why choose Singapore for Valentine's Day flower shopping

Singapore, known as the garden city, is a haven for flower enthusiasts. The city-state boasts a vibrant floral scene with numerous flower markets, florists, and online platforms offering a wide range of Valentine's Day blooms. Singapore's tropical climate ensures that you can find fresh and vibrant flowers throughout the year, making it an ideal destination for Valentine's Day flower shopping. The city's dedication to horticulture and sustainable practices also ensures that you can find ethically sourced and environmentally friendly flowers.

Types of Valentine's Day flowers in Singapore

Roses: The timeless symbol of love

Roses are the quintessential Valentine's Day flowers, representing love, passion, and beauty. Available in an array of colors, each with its own symbolic meaning, roses make a classic and heartfelt gift for your partner. Red roses, symbolizing deep love and desire, are the most popular choice for Valentine's Day. However, you can also opt for pink roses to convey admiration and gratitude, white roses for purity and innocence, or even a mix of colors to convey a range of emotions.

Roses Valentine's Day flowers

Tulips: A unique and vibrant choice

Tulips are known for their unique shape and vibrant colors, making them a striking choice for Valentine's Day. These elegant blooms symbolize perfect love and are often associated with new beginnings. By gifting tulips, you can express your love in a fresh and distinct way. From bold reds to soft pinks and pristine whites, tulips offer a variety of colors to suit your loved one's taste.

Tulips Valentine's Day Flowers

 Lilies: Graceful and elegant blooms

Lilies are known for their elegance and strong fragrance, making them a popular choice for Valentine's Day. These majestic flowers symbolize beauty, purity, and devotion, making them a meaningful gift for your loved one. When choosing lilies, consider opting for stunning stargazer lilies, which are known for their vibrant pink color and captivating appearance.

Lilies Valentine's Day Flowers

Orchids: Exotic and mesmerizing beauties

Orchids are exotic and mesmerizing flowers that can add a touch of sophistication to your Valentine's Day gift. These delicate blooms symbolize luxury, beauty, and strength. With a wide variety of orchids available in Singapore, ranging from the popular phalaenopsis to the rare Vanda orchids, you can find the perfect orchid to captivate your loved one's heart.

Orchid Flowers

Sunflowers: Symbolizing adoration and warmth

Sunflowers are known for their vibrant yellow petals and sun-like appearance, symbolizing adoration, loyalty, and warmth. These cheerful blooms can brighten anyone's day and make for a unique Valentine's Day gift. Sunflowers are also associated with positive energy and happiness, making them a great choice to express your affection.

How to choose the perfect Valentine's Day flowers in Singapore

Choosing the perfect Valentine's Day flowers can be a delightful experience with a little thoughtfulness and consideration. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Consider your relationship stage

The stage of your relationship can influence the type of flowers you choose. If you're in the early stages of a relationship, you may opt for a more casual and lighthearted approach with colorful and playful blooms. For a long-term partnership, classic and timeless flowers like roses or lilies can convey a sense of commitment and romance.

Know your partner's preferences

Take into account your partner's preferences when selecting Valentine's Day flowers. If they have a favorite flower or color, incorporating it into your gift will show that you pay attention to their likes and dislikes. Consider their personality and style as well - if they prefer simplicity, elegant blooms like orchids or tulips may be the perfect choice.

Selecting the right color

Colors bring different emotions and convey unique meanings, so choose the color of your Valentine's Day flowers wisely. Red symbolizes passionate love, pink signifies admiration and appreciation, white represents purity and innocence, and yellow conveys friendship and joy. You can also mix and match colors to create a personalized bouquet that reflects your heartfelt feelings.

Pairing flowers with meaningful gifts

Enhance the impact of your Valentine's Day flowers by pairing them with meaningful gifts. Consider adding a handwritten love note, a box of chocolates, a piece of jewelry, or a heartfelt poem to create a more personalized and thoughtful gesture. The combination of flowers and gifts creates a memorable experience that your loved one will cherish.

Taking care of Valentine's Day flowers

To ensure that your Valentine's Day flowers last as long as possible, follow some simple care tips. Trim the stems at an angle before placing them in water, change the water regularly, and keep them away from direct sunlight and drafts. Additionally, consider using flower food or adding a teaspoon of sugar to the water to prolong their freshness.

Valentine's Day flowers in Singapore

 Where to buy Valentine's Day flowers in Singapore

In Singapore, you have several options for purchasing Valentine's Day flowers:

Bliss Flower Boutique - Online flower delivery services

Bliss Flower Boutique invites you to a world of petal perfection, where beauty blooms and memories are made. As the leading flower shop in Singapore, we're dedicated to handcrafting stunning floral arrangements that leave a lasting impression. From surprising a loved one with a one-of-a-kind bouquet to elevating your home or event with the perfect decor, we have something special for every occasion.

With Bliss online flower shop, Sending a message of love has never been easier! Our user-friendly website lets you browse our collection of breathtaking bouquets and arrangements at your leisure, with the option to order and schedule a delivery for a specific date and time.

Online flower delivery services offer convenience and a wide selection of Valentine's Day flowers that can be ordered from the comfort of your home. With just a few clicks, you can browse through the available options, compare prices, and have the flowers delivered to your loved one's doorstep. Online platforms often provide detailed product descriptions and images to aid your decision-making process.

Creative ways to surprise your loved ones with Valentine's Day flowers in Singapore

Make this Valentine's Day extra special by surprising your loved ones with creative gestures involving flowers:

Flower bouquet delivery Singapore

Surprise your partner with a heartfelt flower bouquet delivery. Choose their favorite flowers or a unique mix of blooms that reflect your relationship. Have the bouquet delivered to their workplace or home to create an unexpected and memorable moment.

Decorate their workspace or home

Brighten up your loved one's workspace or home by decorating it with Valentine's Day flowers. Fill their surroundings with beauty and fragrance, instantly transforming their environment into a romantic and enchanting space.

Surprise flower delivery throughout the day

Create an element of surprise and anticipation by arranging for multiple flower deliveries throughout the day. Each delivery can represent a different message or aspect of your relationship, building up to a grand finale that will leave your loved one feeling cherished and loved.

Valentines Day Flowers

Flower subscription service

If you want to make every day feel like Valentine's Day, consider a flower subscription service. These services deliver fresh bouquets on a regular basis, allowing your loved one to enjoy the beauty of flowers beyond Valentine's Day. It's a gift that keeps on giving and reminds them of your love throughout the year.


Valentine's Day flowers in Singapore are an incredible way to express your love and create cherished memories with your loved ones. By choosing the perfect blooms and incorporating thoughtful gestures, you can make every moment blossom. 

Whether it's roses, tulips, lilies, orchids, or sunflowers, the wide variety of Valentine's Day flowers available in Singapore ensures that you can find the perfect gift to convey your deepest emotions. So this Valentine's Day, surprise your loved ones with a breathtaking floral arrangement and make their hearts bloom with joy and affection.

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